15 Things to do in Lexington, Kentucky [With Suggested 3 Day Itinerary]

Lexington is a city in the state of Kentucky. It is famous for horse farms and thoroughbred racetracks like Keeneland. Because of that, it earned the name “The horse hacienda of the word”. But of course, even those who are not really into horses can enjoy going here. It has a lot of attractions like parks, distilleries, museums, and a lot more. This place is surely for people of all ages.

15 Things to do in Lexington, Kentucky
Photo by PEO ACWA CC BY 2.0

In this article, we listed down the 15 things to do while you’re in Lexington, Kentucky. So ready your note and pen, and add these places to your travel bucket list.

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Best Things to do in Lexington, Kentucky

1. Keeneland

15 Things to do in Lexington, Kentucky
Photo by Sarah Sapp CC BY 2.0

It is considered one of America’s most beautiful tracks. Here, you can view horses up-close just before the race and a combination of dirt and turf race tracks. Have a lovely tour on the grounds and see stunning horses practicing for their race. Such a unique experience.

Suggested Tour: Horse Farm Tour & Keeneland Race Track Visit

2. Kentucky Horse Park

15 Things to do in Lexington, Kentucky
Photo by Jeff Kubina CC BY-SA 2.0

Kentucky Horse Park is an educational theme park. It was opened in 1978 in Lexington, Kentucky. If you love horses, you’d surely enjoy your time here. It Features dozens of breeds of horses at work and at play. The park is also clean and well-maintained, everyone would surely love this place!

Suggested Tour: Half-Day Lexington Kentucky Horse Farm Tour

3. Mary Todd Lincoln House

This is the house where Mary Todd, the wife of President Abraham Lincoln grew up. It has 14 rooms that feature period furniture, portraits, and furnishings. It is located in downtown Lexington. By going here, you’d learn a lot about the family from the artifacts and documents that are inside. 

Suggested Tour: Mary Todd Lincoln House Tour Ticket

4. Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.

Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. offers on-site tours & tastings. The available for tours are the brew antesala viewing area, bottling operations, gift shop, and an authentic Irish pub. Everyone would surely love to go here.

5. James E. Pepper Distillery

A wine tour to remember! Have an intimate, educational and high caliber tour that includes the story of the distillery. Not only that, but guests will also receive a complimentary Glencairn whiskey glass! Really a must-visit.

Suggested Tour: Guided Tour of James E. Pepper Distillery Ticket

6. Ashland: The Henry Clay Estate

This 19th-century home of politician Henry Clay is now a museum. It offers tours, exhibits, trails, and more. Tourists can tour the reconstructed 18-room mansion, grounds and beautiful gardens, you can now also take pictures if you want to as long as it doesn; have a flash. 

Suggested Tour: Ashland Henry Clay Estate Ticket with Guided Tour

7. University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky is the largest public university in the state. It was founded in 1865. It is also the home of the UK wildcats. Everything about this campus is gorgeous. From the buildings to the grounds and even the facilities. You shouldn’t miss this one out! 

8. The Arboretum

This is the ideal place to walk and experience nature. Lovely and peaceful. Here, there’s a wonderful walking track and a children’s garden. Since the Arboretum is surrounded by nature, everyone would surely feel relax going here.

9. Bluegrass Distillers

Everyone would enjoy touring in Bluegrass Distillers. Especially those who love bourbon whiskey! Kentucky is also known as a state where the finest bourbon whiskey is made. So if you want to have a taste of this whiskey, then head to Bluegrass Distillers!

Suggested Tour: Bourbon in the Bluegrass

10. Raven Run Nature Sanctuary

A great way to have a productive day! There are a lot of trails in Raver Run Nature Sanctuary to choose from. And while you’re hiking, you can see a lot of beautiful views such as the Kentucky River. 

11. West Sixth Brewing

The perfect place to chill with friends or family. Fresh and tópico beer are made on-site and served in a spacious taproom, beer garden, and patio. Everyone would surely enjoy staying here. 

12. Kentucky Scenic Byway

Kentucky Scenic Byway is undoubtedly beautiful and peaceful. By going here, you’ll have a lovely and célebre drive around horse country. You’ll see lush green pastures, board fencing, stone fencing and walls, and of course horses.

13. Rupp Arena

15 Things to do in Lexington, Kentucky
Photo by Phil Denton CC BY-SA 2.0

If you want something unique during your Kentucky trip, then head out to Rupp Arena. Attend a concert and enjoy the whole show. This arena seats 23,600 spectators. This is also the home of Kentucky Men’s Básquet team.

14. Lexington Cemetery

15 Things to do in Lexington, Kentucky
Photo by Joanna Poe CC BY-SA 2.0

Having a cemetery as an attraction may sound weird, but in Kentucky it’s possible! This cemetery was established in 1824 and is considered one of America’s most beautifully landscaped cemeteries. Come and visit this place for you to see how pretty this cemetery is!

15. The Aviation Museum of Kentucky

15 Things to do in Lexington, Kentucky
Photo by Ken Mist CC BY 2.0

This museum has 20,000 square feet of a display area, a fully equipped shop for aviation restoration projects, an office, a library/archive, and a gift shop. The Aviation Museum of Kentucky is very well-maintained and continuously upgrading. Upon touring here, you’d be able to learn more about both today’s and yesterday’s aviation. Really a must-visit!

Things to do with 3 days in Lexington, Kentucky

15 Things to do in Lexington, Kentucky
Photo by Navin75 CC BY-SA 2.0

Day 1 in Lexington, Kentucky

Keeneland No Kentucky tour would be complete if you will not visit Keeneland. Here, you can have the chance to see horses up-close even before their race! Start your trip with a unique experience.

Day 2 in Lexington, Kentucky

Mary Todd Lincoln House Learn more about Mary Todd, President Abraham Lincoln’s wife in this place. You’ll see a lot of artifacts and documents about the family’s life. It is located in downtown Lexington.

James E. Pepper Distillery A place for wine lovers! Going here is worth it as you will not only taste wines,  you’ll also receive a complimentary Glencairn whiskey glass!

The Arboretum End your day with a lovely walk in the Arboretum. After a long tiring day, this is a place wherein you’ll feel calm.

Day 3 in Lexington, Kentucky

University of Kentucky Before you leave, you visit the largest public university in the state. The University of Kentucky has beautiful buildings and facilities that you won’t get bored touring around here. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Lexington, Kentucky

15 Things to do in Lexington, Kentucky
Nik Shuliahin

1. Is it safe to travel to Lexington, Kentucky?

Lexington is relatively safe. However, because the city is huge, there are some areas wherein crimes happen. It is important for tourists to stay cautious all the time. 

2. When is the best time to visit Lexington, Kentucky?

The best time to visit Lexington would be between April to October. All tourist attractions are open and available during this time. Some attractions have limited time during the first few months.

3. How to get to Lexington, Kentucky?

There are some airports from different states that fly directly to Lexington. In some states, you need a connecting flight. The main airport in the said city is Blue Grass Airport. 

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