20 Countries Filipinos Can Visit Visa Free With a Valid UK Visa

Do you have a Valid UK Visa? Congratulations! Not only will you enter the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Island) but also you can enter about 20 countries and territories quickly. Just show your Valid UK Visa, and you can stay for days in these beautiful countries. Here’s a list of Countries and Territories Filipinos Can Enter with a Valid UK Visa.

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If you don’t have one yet, you can read our guide on how you can get a UK Visit Visa with your Philippine Passport. We may have a weak passport (about 76th in the Passport Index), but with a visa from a powerful nation, we have a chance to check out other places in the world too! Excited? Read more on where you can travel!

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Countries Filipinos can enter with a valid UK Visa:


1. Mexico

4 Countries Filipinos can Visit with a Valid Japan Visa

Requirements: Valid UK Visa
Days: 180 days

See a wonder of the world in Mexico! You will have a blast as you explore this stunning country.

Things to do:

  • See the wonder of the world, Chichen Itza
  • Have an adventure at Xcaret Park
  • Know more about history at the Mayan Port City Ruins


2. St. Helena

Countries and Territories Filipinos Can Enter with a Valid UK Visa
Photo by Greg Thomas CC BY-SA 2.0

Requirements: Valid UK Visa
Days: not stated

On the South Atlantic Ocean, the one that’s just below Africa is a tropical Island – Saint Helena. It’s a British Overseas Territory with a population of about 5,000 people.

Things to do:

  • Visit Napoleon Bonaparte’s mansion, Longwood House
  • Climb Jacob’s Ladder
  • Visit High Knoll Fort


3. South Korea

Things to do near Nine Tree Premier Hotel Insadong

Requirements: Valid UK Visa
Days: 30 days or 3-day transit

To be visa-free, you need to stop in South Korea before going to the Philippines or Third Country from UK within 30 days. You could also do it backwards from Philippines to SK to UK.

Enjoy the traditions, culture, and food of South Korea! It’s going to be a blast.

Things to do:

  • Wear Hanbok at Gyeongbokgung Palace
  • See Seoul at N Seoul Tower
  • Have fun on Nami Island


4. Anguilla

Countries or Territories Filipinos Can Enter with a Valid Canada Visa
Photo by Pete Markham CC BY-SA 2.0

Requirements: Valid UK Visa
Days: 90 days

Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory known for its abundant marine life, scenic cliffs, and cool caves.

Things to do:

  • Enjoy the waters at Rendezvous Bay
  • Get a tan and see dolphins at Shoal Bay
  • Learn some history at Wallblake House

5. Antigua and Barbuda

Countries or Territories Filipinos Can Enter with a Valid Canada Visa

Requirements: Valid UK Visa
Days: 30 days

You’ll need to pay at USD Visa Waiver fee when you arrive in A&B. Prepare your sunscreen, sunglasses, and bikinis in this country in the Caribbean.

Things to do:

  • Stroll around Nelson’s Dockyard
  • Relax at Long Island
  • Check out some ruins at Fort James

6. – 11. Dutch Caribbean – Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba, Sint Maarten

Requirements: Valid Multiple-Entry UK Visa
Days: 90 days

You can also enter territories of the Kingdom of Netherlands with your UK Visa.

Things to do:

  • Explore Arikok National Park
  • See Curaçao Sea Aquarium
  • Relax at Lac Bay
  • Stroll around Fort de Windt
  • Enjoy Well’s Bay Beach
  • Planespot at Maho Beach

12. Bermuda

Work from Bermuda Certificate Get a Bermuda Digital Nomad Visa
Photo by Reilly Durfy on Unsplash

Requirements: Valid Multiple-Entry UK Visa that’s valid for a minimum of 45 days from stay
Days: 30 days

Don’t worry if you are going to Bermuda; you won’t be lost in the Bermuda Triangle!

Things to do:

  • Discover Crystal and Fantasy Caves
  • Walk around King’s Wharf
  • See the beauty of the sea at Horseshoe Bay

13. British Virgin Islands

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean

Requirements: Valid UK Visa
Days: 6 Months Visa on Arrival for tourists

Check out these gorgeous, stunning islands in the Caribbean; it’s heaven on earth!

Things to do:

  • Check the rock formations at The Baths
  • Enjoy the luxury resort at Necker Island
  • Fall in love with the beauty of White Bay

14. Dominica

Countries or Territories Filipinos Can Enter with a Valid Canada Visa

Requirements: Valid UK visa
Days: maximum stay of 6 months

Filipinos are visa-exempt for 21 days, but with your UK Visa, you can stay for up to 6 months and Enjoy the “The Nature Island of the Caribbean.”

Things to do:

  • See the Trafalgar Falls
  • Dive at Champagne Reef
  • Hike at Waitukubuli Trail

15. Dominican Republic

Requirements: Valid UK visa
Days: 90 days

Dominican Republic doesn’t share territories with Dominica, Haiti is the one it shares with. Take a road trip to the place we called home and where we adopted our cat, Zissou!

Things to do:

  • Discover the 27 Waterfalls
  • Attend a mass at Basilica Cathedral of Santa Maria la Pequeño
  • Learn more history at Alcazar de Colon

16. Turks and Caicos Islands

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean

Requirements: Valid UK visa
Maximum Stay: 90 days

White sand beaches and clear turquoise waters, Turks and Caicos is another paradise on our list.

Things to do:

  • Check out some cruise ships at Grand Turk Cruise Center
  • See the waters and swim at Grace Bay Beach
  • Walk along Pine Cay


17. Albania

Requirements: Multiple Entry UK Visa, used at least merienda
Days: 90 days

Save USD 30 and more as you skip applying for an Albania Tourist Visa in China.

This European country is not famous nor is included in the Schengen Zone but is very affordable. Enjoy its charming renta, Tirana, too!

Things to do:

  • Relax in “The Blue Eye,” a water spring
  • Walk around the Castle of Kruja
  • Try dishes like Tave Kosi or Flia

18. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Requirements: Valid Multiple-Entry UK Visa
Days: 30 days per stay, maximum of 90 days every 6 months

You can’t anymore enter with your UK Visa to B&H – probably an effect of Brexit.

19. Gibraltar

Countries or Territories that Filipinos Can Enter with European Visas
Photo by Michal Mrozek on Unsplash

Requirements: Valid Multiple Entry UK visa, valid for at least 6 months
Days: 6 months

Near South Spain, is a British Territory – Gilbraltar. This was a territory of Spain but then became under British rule. You could enjoy a holiday here and maybe go to Africa.

Things to do:

  • See St. Michael’s Cave
  • Enjoy the views at Europa Point
  • Check out the whole place as you ride a Cable Car

20. Montenegro

Tourist Visa For Montenegro

Requirements: Valid UK Visa
Days: 30 days

From the UK, you can visit the country we call home and maybe meet up with us.

Things to do:

  • Have a pilgrim to Ostrog Monastery
  • Walk at Kotor Old Town
  • Hike and fall in love with Lovćen

I hope you now know the countries and territories you can go with a Valid UK Visa. The requirements for getting a UK Visit Visa is the same; the difference will be the cost – ten years is finta expensive compared to the one-year visa. But it will be worth it as you can save thousands of pesos when you visit this place. I hope this motivates you to have one! It’s like a 21-in-one package visa! Good luck!

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