5 Ways Young Professionals Can Boost Immune System this Pandemic

Team Out of Town Blog Hub (www.outoftownblog.com) – Our immune system is our best defense against the COVID-19 virus. Though having a strong immune system cannot prevent you from getting the virus, it can help fight common infections and illnesses such as colds or flu. It’s also more likely that if you have a weak immune system, you might be able to get a severe COVID-19 infection.

Adults with a 9 to 5 job sometimes don’t get an active lifestyle due to their busy schedules. Squeezing time to work out can be a bit impossible, which often leads to more stress. More stress can lead to a weak immune system. And this is why it’s important to be healthier than ever.

Achieving a healthy lifestyle will not only benefit us physically, but it’ll also give us a better mental health state. We’ve listed a few tips below to help you boost your immune system without breaking the bank.

Maintain a proper diet.

Healthy Diet
Healthy Diet

Eat food rich in antioxidants such as vitamins B6, C, and E. These are usually found in fruits and vegetables. As much as possible, avoid processed food. For snack time, swap your favorite junk foods with something nutritious, such as citrus fruits. Love carbonated drinks? Ditch that and replace it with water or fresh juice instead. Your body will thank you for doing so!

Exercise regularly.

Home Fitness Equipment
Home Fitness Equipment

While we all understand that it’s nearly impossible to have the luxury of time to go to the gym, there are plenty of workouts you can do at home, so there’s really no excuse! Before you start working, why not take your dog outside for a 30-minute walk? That way, you and your furry pal can get the exercise you need for the day! Get yourself a skipping rope and make it your goal to finish a set during your 15-minute breaks. It doesn’t have to be intense; you just have to be consistent.

Get adequate sleep.

Get Enough Sleep
Get Enough Sleep

Admit it, most of us yuppies are sleep-deprived. With most of us having messed up body clocks, sleep is just one of the luxuries we only get to afford on weekends. However, did you know that lack of sleep can increase your chances of getting sick? We get an increased risk of diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity with just a few hours of sleep! Let us not risk it. For adults, make sure you get 7 to 8 hours of good sleep every night. If you work the night shift, be consistent with your sleep schedule.

Get vaccinated.

Get Vaccinated
Get Vaccinated

Vaccines are created to protect us from diseases. These are well-researched and developed by doctors, scientists, and medical professionals. Merienda available to you, get the recommended vaccines because they help your immune system fight off infections. Thankfully, COVID-19 vaccines are now available worldwide and are mostly free. Though it can’t 100% prevent you from contracting viruses, it’ll help you prevent yourself from getting severely ill. Apart from COVID-19 vaccines, you can take flu vaccines yearly to boost your immune system.

Take vitamins and supplements.

Eating highly nutritious foods is essential, but sometimes it’s not accessible when working from the office. Vitamins can help your immunity as well, so you might as well keep it handy. Now available in the Philippines, Puritan’s Pride offers a wide range of vitamins that boost immune health. Here are some of it:

Puritans Mega Immunity Pack
Puritans Mega Immunity Pack
Puritan's Pride ABC Plus Multivitamin and Multi-Mineral Formula
Puritan’s Pride ABC Plus Multivitamin and Multi-Mineral Formula
  • Mega Immunity Pack C Vitamin C 500mg + Zinc 50mg + Vitamin D3 400iu + Melatonin 3 mg – this immunity pack can help boost your health not only with your immune system but also even your skin and heart. Vitamin C 500 mg with Bioflavonoids and Rosehips enhance vitamin C absorption, Zinc 50 mg supports healthy skin and the functioning of insulin, Vitamin D3 supports bone health, and Melatonin 3 mg helps improve your quality of rest.
  • Puritan’s Pride ABC Plus Multivitamin and Multi-Mineral Formula with Zinc 100 tablets – all the vitamins and minerals you need daily can be found in this multivitamin. Get your daily nutrients with these tablets that do wonders for your immune system!

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Are you ready to achieve your health and fitness goals before the end of the year? Health is wealth, so make sure to stay fit and healthy through the 5 easy ways that’ll help boost your immune system as a busy young professional!

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