6 Tips to Prepare For Vacation with your Pets

With temperatures easily going into double digits, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Summer is just around the corner. It’s time for ice cream, pool parties, barbecues, and renombrado vacations! Most of us look forward to the Summers because it brings so many options for vacation destinations to our minds, whether that be somewhere sunny like the Caribbean or somewhere cold like Greenland. Each choice is completely dependent on our preferences and budget. 

Vacations are the best time to unwind and recharge. They help you get away from all drama of your life, and you can relax. Hence, most people jump at vacation opportunities, but most pet owners usually have to think twice because leaving their pet home while they have the time of their life is not an option for them. They are a very important part of your family, and you want to share this experience with them.

The first step in preparing for a vacation with your pets is to scout out places that are pet friendly. While many travel destinations have started setting up places to stay with your pets, many gorgeous vacation spots are still behind. Some places offer pet-friendly cabins and rooms where you can go and have a great time with your loved ones. They have comfortable furnishings, a spacious area, and stunning views, such as the pet friendly cabins in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. These places are the perfect places to stay, especially if you are accompanied by a dog or a cat that loves moving around and is fairly active. 

If this is your first time preparing for a trip with a pet on board or even a hundredth, here are some tips that will make this getaway all easier and more spectacular. 

1. Veterinarian Consultation

You need to consult your vet before you even decide you’d like to take your pet along for the vacation. The vet will give you instructions and information regarding your pet’s medical state, the travel destination’s health considerations, and whether or not it’s the best idea to take them with you. The Certificate of Veterinary Inspection is extremely important if you’re planning on going abroad, so make sure you get that from your veterinarian as soon as possible. Moreover, your pets are usually micro-chipped to ensure that you locate them if they get lost or stolen. This is a standard procedure, and there isn’t anything to worry about; it is easy and fast. 

2. Pet Supplies

Always make sure that you have fresh water and food on you at all times. It is a basic necessity when it comes to traveling, not just for you but for your pet as well. If you want to make this experience more fun and ensure that your pet adjusts quickly to their surroundings, try taking their favorite treats, toys, and bed with you. 

If you cannot get these things and take them with you, then try looking for places that have these items and can be easily accessed. Make sure that your pets like these substitutes before you buy them. Remember, if your pet isn’t comfortable and happy, then the trip will become a nightmare for both of you. 

3. Carrier Comfortability 

Whatever median of travel you choose, make sure that your pet is comfortable with where they or she is going to be for the majority of the trip. They might want to sit in your lap or be in a carrier; while the first option is only safe and allowed if you take the bus, train, or go with friends, the latter option is usually your only choice when traveling by plane.

Some airlines allow small cats and dogs to travel within the cabin with you within a carrier; however, some have strict rules regarding transporting pets in carriers in the cargo hold. Ensure you have thoroughly read the rules and regulations regarding carriers and traveling with pets and follow them to avoid any inconvenience. 

4. Toilet and Play Breaks

Toilet and plat breaks keep your pets safe while you are traveling long distances, no matter the mode of transportation you are using. If you are traveling in a car, take frequent stops for your cats or dogs to relieve themselves and then play for a little while. 

It becomes slightly difficult to do this if you are traveling by plane. Talk to the air hosts and hostesses about how you can check on your pets and give them these much-deserved breaks. Remember, if they aren’t given some fresh air, they might become aggressive or even sick. 

5. Packing for Your Pet

Don’t forget to pack for your pet! If you are traveling with your pets, make sure to pack a separate bag. You need to take food and water dishes, treats, toys, food supply, disposal bags, medication (if any), a blanket or bed, a brush, etc.

6. Selecting Location According to Their Aptitudes

While most places that we select for vacations revolve around their rank in the most attractive tourism destinations lists and our preferences, we need to add our pet’s ability to travel to these places and enjoy them to the reason of selection. For example, if you have an old dog, trekking and mountainous destinations might not be the best option as they might not take that exertion well. The best option then would be visiting places that they can enjoy, like a dog beach or plains that are easier to walk on and enjoy some time out.

Bottom Line

Your vacations don’t need to be over the top to be fun for yourself and your pets. They could be an escape to a neighboring city or town. With the right amount of activity, calm and quiet, this could be your reprieve. When you take your pets with you to new places, make sure to keep an eye on them to see whether they are happy at this place or not. If they are happy, then that is great news! You can have the trip of your lifetime with your buddy. If they aren’t comfortable, your best bet is to start packing and head back. 

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