Amazing Restaurants in Kuwait You Haven’t Heard Of

If you are interested in visiting amazing restaurants in Kuwait or have yet to try  Kuwait’s delectable cuisines, you have come to the correct spot. A wide range of cuisines is available at the eateries, from Lebanese to Puerto Rican dishes. So, make your Kuwait Airways flight booking and taste these delicacies. Expect a more flavorful and appealing experience at these greatest restaurants in Kuwait, so foodies, get ready!

One of our top priorities while traveling is finding delicious nave cuisine. Have you had the opportunity to sample any of the amazing restaurants in Kuwait? If you haven’t already, it’s time to check out this definitive list of places to eat that will leave you wanting more.

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1. Tatami (Japanese Restaurant)

Tatami specializes in Haute Japanese cuisine and serves both traditional Japanese dishes and modern interpretations of them. The Japanese custom of treating guests with warmth and deference is observed very strictly at Tatami, a restaurant that has both a contemporary setting and genuine design elements. Experience a dining experience that is more intense than any other you’ve had before.

2. Véranda (Middle Eastern and Mediterranean)

Véranda is a restaurant with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine that can be found on the first level of Harvey Nichols Kuwait at The Avenues. Try exquisitely prepared grilled salmon pieces and jewel-colored tabbouleh with fresh garlic and mint labneh for a modern take on classic flavors. If you want a front-row ticket to Kuwait City’s mall culture, reserve a table at the window facing Grand Avenue.

3. Mais Alghanim (Lebanese Restaurant) 

Gulf Road is home to a little restaurant run by a friendly family that serves some delicious traditional Lebanese dishes. Originally opened in 1953 as a cafeteria for Edmond Barakat’s staff, the restaurant is known for its crisp fattoush salads, wonderfully smoky humor ganoush, and stuffed vine leaves. As word of mouth brought more and more customers, it then quickly became a popular spot for a quick meal. Considered one of Kuwait City’s most laid-back eateries, this spot offers a wide selection of vegetarian and kid-friendly options.

4. White Robata (Japanese Restaurant)

Robata is a shortened version of the Japanese word for “slow grilling” over hot charcoal, which is called Robatayaki. Although White Robata presents a pared-down interpretation of Japanese cuisine, the restaurant’s inventive dishes are packed with flavor that will leave you wanting more. This place can be found in the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre.

5. Dar Hamad (Kuwaiti Restaurant)

Dar Hamad pulls on Kuwait’s 1970s golden age to provide a true Kuwaiti experience. Hamad Alsaab, a nave designer, transformed the restaurant into an architectural icon while adding a gastrónomo flare. The Kuwaiti family owns a magnificent ancient mansion by the sea, making it one of Kuwait’s most gorgeous restaurants.

6. Al Éxito (Middle Eastern Restaurant)

A renowned Middle Eastern steakhouse and seafood restaurant influenced by Arabic and international cuisines offers a luxurious Arabian hospitality and eating experience for its European, American, and Indian cuisines. Gold leaf decorates it. Enjoy charcoal-grilled fish and succulent steaks. After dinner, they grill coffee and dates with a variety of sweets. One of Kuwait’s best restaurants is within an antique Kuwaiti ship with a wooden boat and Arabic motif.

7. Assaha Village (Lebanese Restaurant)

The restaurant is near a lovely fort-like Lebanese hamlet. Besides the cuisine, the restaurant’s historic decor will impress. Assaha serves fresh, homemade meals. The restaurant staff is courteous and will show you their dishes if you ask. This Kuwait restaurant recreates historic Lebanese villages. Pickles, olives, and iced lupin seeds are served while you wait. An antique Kuwaiti door greets visitors outside the eatery.

8. Jamawar Crowne (Kuwaiti Restaurant)

Kuwait’s most amazing traditional restaurant is Jamawar which serves biryani, curries, and naan for Indian cuisine lovers. The delectable scent of traditional cuisine and appetizers like tandoori Kebabs melt on your tongue, making it one of Kuwait’s top Indian restaurants. From the welcome namaste to the live classical Indian music, these attractions will make your visit unforgettable.

9. Melenzane (Italian Restaurant)

Melenzane Restaurants serves Italian food with a twist. Melenzane has branches in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, KSA, and soon Bahrain. This luxurious restaurant serves traditional Neapolitan pizza, spaghetti, risotto, and panini with a twist. Mushrooms, veal, and garlic steak are major meals. This restaurant’s informal eating and unusual design make it one of Kuwait’s top attractions.

10. Open Flame Kitchen (Kuwaiti-American Restaurant)

A premium designer restaurant with an exotic Open Flame Kitchen serving high-end world cuisine in a lively atmosphere. This Kuwaiti American restaurant is known for burgers, fries, grills, seafood, wood-fired pizzas, accessories, and more. It delivers Kuwait City and Zahra’s greatest quick food. Thus, this lively restaurant is ideal for a wonderful supper with friends.

11. Al Noukhaza Seafood Restaurant

Located in  Crowne Plaza Kuwait, this restaurant serves seafood with a nautical motif in a relaxing ambiance. From a lavish buffet to regional and international delicacies, customers enjoy fresh seafood in a wonderful setting. On their next visit, customers may pick from a variety of shellfish, live lobster, and other specialties.

12. Freij Sweileh (Kuwaiti Restaurant)

This is one of the top Kuwaiti restaurants for Kuwaiti food lovers providing delicious traditional and genuine Kuwaiti Arabic cuisines such as the best juices, grills, and Arabic cuisine in a great atmosphere,  served by competent employees with the greatest customer service. Its crowded and snug interior makes it more appealing. Come to Freij Sweileh with friends and family to try Kuwaiti cuisine in Kuwait.

13. Salt Restaurant

Among Kuwait City’s most famous establishments, this chic eatery can be found inside the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa. We highly recommend Salt’s Surf n Turf, which has a tenderloin of Wagyu steak topped with giant prawns and a creamy Lobster Thermidor. Sushi and sashimi platters are beautifully arranged and perfect for sharing, while the charcoal sweetcorn soup is a fan favorite.

Visitors from all over the world flock to Kuwait to sample the country’s finest cuisine. As one of the world’s most popular food destinations, you can enjoy delicious, llamativo cuisine in a comfortable, high-end setting. Both residents and visitors enjoy the cuisine, which takes inspiration from a number of countries and cultures including Iran, Iraq, and India. So, experience and enjoy these  amazing restaurants in Kuwait that are worth your time and dime!


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