Caribbean Cruise Essentials Packing Tips for Your Tropical Adventure

Pack light and pack smart with the tips with these Caribbean cruise essentials packing tips for your tropical adventure article from Two Monkeys Travel.

Imagine yourself basking under the warm sunshine of a tropical island with a good book on one hand and tequila on the other. You inhale the invigorating warm ocean breeze while enjoying the luxurious moment. But wait! Time to get back from La La Land to pack your suitcase to be physically present in your dreamland.

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I guess anyone would agree that the toughest part of traveling is knowing that you have packed everything that you need to be able to enjoy your merienda in a lifetime adventures. There are different ways and tips on how to pack light and complete your vacation. You must also remember those extra items are required especially when planning for a tropical cruise with formal events and lounging time by the pool included in your itinerary.

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Tropical adventures may also require you to dress casually during day time and then later transcend to a formal one by dinner time – with less time to prepare and a suitcase or two to keep your OOTD’s. Bringing your whole closet is not possible and if you manage to do so, it does come with extra charges and fees. (See link for current airline baggage fees.)

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Thus, packing light and smart is a must. We will show you how to pack a complete set of OOTD’s and your other essentials specifically for Caribbean conditions and activities. You should also check the weather here a week before your holiday to be extra prepared for your trip most especially if you’ll be spending a lot of your time outdoors.

Check out our tips as we cover all your bases while packing light as you get stoked on your Caribbean Vacation!

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Indoor Outfit

Packing an attire that you’d be flaunting on for indoor activities should be one of the basic items that you should include in your suitcase. Have several flowy tops or lightweight tanks and tees, a couple of shorts, yoga pants, jeans, and casual skirts and sundresses.

I love this top because of its versatility. It can be a casual attire to sport during the day and then later be transformed into a dinner outfit by pairing it with a nice skirt or pants. Whether you prefer lounging onboard or attending a party while cruising the Caribbean seas, you’ll never be out of style with this ensemble.

For the Outdoors 

Swimwear, shorts and modest cover-ups or robes are the basic items that you should be including in your Caribbean packing list. Having a pair of comfy sandals or light-weight slip-on would be a nice pair for exploring the ship. Pack a small bag where you can put your swimsuits, dry change and towels if you plan to head off to a kayaking expedition or snorkeling.


Bikinis are a must if you plan to bask under the golden sunlight of your Caribbean exploration. Some prefer bikinis with full coverage to feel comfortable and protected from the harsh elements. Others are confident with flaunting their skin to get a more even golden tan. Below are a few bikinis you might want to pack for your trip.


Every girl needs a shoe that will bring her to destinations and places she dreams of. However, having a couple of shoes for your Caribbean adventure might be necessary. A hybrid sneaker/sandal shoe would be a great piece for hiking and other activities you might want to check onshore.


A warm, light-weight waterproof jacket is one of the basic items you should include in your Caribbean packing list. You’ll never know when you’ll get a burst of warm tropical rain while on a ship. A pair of comfortable pants or warmers are also a must in case the weather gets too cool. Two formal dresses should be enough for your trip. Cruise ships are known for assigning daily dress codes that are strictly implemented in public rooms and restaurants so you better come prepared. Normally, on a 7-night trip, you can count on two formal nights, a couple of casual evenings and around 1-4 semiformal occasions.

A light-weight jacket that can be layered with your tops should be included in your Caribbean packing list as well. Below is one of my favorite light-weight jackets. It’s not only light-weight, but it’s also windproof, water-resistant and highly compressible. Not to mention it’s super stylish!



Keep your pretty head shaded while enjoying the sun rays at the ship deck. Below are some styles you might want to pack during your Caribbean cruise.


Whether you’re feeling a little bit cold or would want to pull off a Jackie O’ impression while on deck, these colorful scarfs might be a great addition to your packing list.


Keep the blinding sun rays of the tropics from hurting your eye while looking cool and standing among the crowd can be achieved with this nifty pair of shades.


Shampoo and Conditioner

Fekkai Volume Shampoo and Fekkai Volume Conditioner is the go-to brand if you intend to spend time in the water. You’ll keep your hair hydrated and volumized even after spending time in the pool or the ocean. To make you lock even look and feel better, you can also use these products. It adds shine and prevents sun damage. Your hair color is also protected with its invisible UV filters infused with lush sunflower seed oil.

First Aid Kit

It is always a good idea to bring first aid kits in case you plan to take a hike away from your cruise ship. Here’s a nice kit you might want to bring while exploring the Caribbean Islands included in your cruise itinerary.

First Aid Kit


Probiotics are also a must when packing for a trip. Here is an article explaining the benefits of traveling with probiotics. I highly recommend Renew Life Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic 50 Billion available through Amazon.

You might also want to read this article for additional items you might want to pack for your Caribbean cruise as well as some health tips.

Vitamin C and Electrolyte Packets

These packets are ideal most especially when traveling in the tropics. They encourage you to drink more water, keeps your immune system boosted and keeps you hydrated as well. They can easily fit inside your purse and travel packs too!

Electrolyte Stamina Power Pack

Moisturizers and Sunscreen

Invest in a good sunscreen, face and body moisturizer. Natural brands are a better option since they are usually chemical-free. They are also free from petroleum products that are extremely bad for your health.

Here are some of my favorite organic sunscreens

Moisturizers and Body care

A brand that I love to use is The Super Salve Company, they use responsible sources of organically farmed herbs, oils, essential oils, butter, and waxes. The Super Salve Company’s goal is to create and produce the highest quality products with the best ingredients at a great price, using only recyclable, earth-friendly packaging.

Facial Masks

After spending a long day exposed to the sun and sea, it is always nice to retreat to your room and treat your skin to something hydrating. A super easy and great treatment I suggest using is a face masque. One of my favorite products to use is Mudmasky’s ph-balanced facial masque. By using this mask it is “resetting” the pH value of your skin close to 5.5, this is beneficial because it creates the proper pH, and in turn, the risk of (new) infection is typically reduced by over 92%. You might also want to check out the masks featured below.


It is nice to have a full set of convenient cosmetics to take on your trip, products that do not take up too much space and are still on par with the quality that you are used to using at home.

Recently I discovered an amazing line of cosmetics that are both extremely travel-friendly and great for your skin. Stowaway Cosmetics was designed with the consumer in mind, the creators we on a mission to find the cosmetics they loved in the sizes that better fit their lives, without sacrificing quality. Frustrated by the large, heavy items that always expired before they were finished, they came up with Stowaway cosmetics. A product that comes highly recommended for its convenient size and luxury quality.

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