Cebu Pacific highlights Cebu-inspired elements in new A330

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( –  The Philippines’ leading airline Cebu Pacific (PSE: CEB), launches its newest cabin interiors inspired by its hometown Cebu and reflects the colors of the Philippine islands, as it wraps up its 25th-anniversary celebrations.

With the lowest carbon footprint per passenger, CEB’s greenest aircraft to date enters into service on December 8, 2021.  Its A330neo’s first flight is from Manila to Cebu.

A330N Cebu Pacific New Interior
A330N Cebu Pacific New Interior

“We hope this new customer cabin experience contributes to more smiles ahead for everyJuan, as travel plans resume. Designed with our passengers’ comfort and experience in mind, our new cabin interiors reflect how proud we are to hail from Cebu, and to represent the Philippine islands wherever we fly,” said Candice Iyog, CEB Vice President for Marketing & Customer Experience.

Upon entering CEB’s newest aircraft, everyJuan will be greeted with a lighting panel in a fresh, inviting shade of teal, reminiscent of clear Philippine waters. Its front and rear walls feature a raised CEB logo on a vibrant blue-on-blue mango pattern, a touch that pays tribute to the mangoes that Cebu is famous for.

Cebu Pacific A330N Photo
Cebu Pacific A330N Photo

Like its other eco-planes, the A330neo’s seats are ergonomically designed by world-renowned manufacturer Recaro, this time made sleek and sporty with calming blue-grey leather, and a carbon fiber texture reminiscent of Cebu’s famous puso or hanging rice.

CEB’s signature blue and yellow accents are also incorporated in the seat design, for standard and premium seats, respectively.

Cebu Pacific A330N Lavatory
Cebu Pacific A330N Lavatory

Each seat is also equipped with USB Type-A and Type C ports that enable passengers to charge their mobile devices inflight.

New carpet patterns were inspired by the airline’s eagle icon while select lavatory walls come in golden yellow complete with a mango detail.

Cebu Pacific A330N Lavatory
Cebu Pacific A330N Lavatory

CEB’s new cabin experience was designed with LIFT Aero Design, an aviation design company based in Tokyo and Singapore.

“This project was all about infusing the cabin with the Cebu Pacific brand,” said Daniel Baron, LIFT’s managing director. “We focused on translating the airline’s distinct yellow and blue palette into a calm inflight environment that reflects their youthful and dynamic identity and Cebu roots.”

The A330neo is known to have the quietest cabin to date, allowing CEB to provide an improved overall customer experience for all. The new cabin design will be incorporated into all upcoming CEB neo aircraft deliveries.

Cebu Pacific A330N Seats
Cebu Pacific A330N Seats

With a capacity of 459 seats, the A330neo allows for more seats without compromising cabin comfort. Equipped with the latest technologies and industry reference cabin design, this eco-plane uses 25% less fuel than previous generation aircraft – able to consume as little as 1.4 liters per seat per 100 kilometers, thus, burning less fuel and emitting less carbon.

CEB boasts of one of the youngest fleets in the world, with an media fleet age of 5.94 years. Its 74-strong fleet includes two (2) dedicated ATR freighters.

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