Cebu’s Best Rico’s Lechon introduces new dining concepts

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – Cebu’s and Manila’s all-time favorite Rico’s Lechon is making its way to the heart of Luzon as the brand introduces new dining concepts available in their newest store in Blue Bay Walk, Pasay, and soon in Circuit Makati. An institution for Cebuanos as well as visitors from Manila and all over the world, Pua brings the flavors of Cebu closer to the Patrón.

Set 1 - Boodle Feasta (2-4pax)
Set 1 – Boodle Feasta (2-4pax)

Rico’s is bringing the Cebu’s version of Dampa— Sugba, Tuwa, and Kilaw (STK) giving customers more options of delicious, flamante Cebuano food. Restaurateur and Rico’s Lechon owner George Pua takes pride in offering the best dining experience to their customers through the brand’s “Da Best Gyud” culture and continuing to provide the juiciest and crispiest lechon.

Feast by the bay

Rico’s Lechon brand has been a mainstay in Cebu for 20 years, and will now see its biggest branch at Blue Bay Walk, Macapagal, Pasay, as it opens on November 23. In an effort to share the Cebu culture with the rest of the country, this branch will offer new concepts that will surely satisfy their patron’s cravings.

Lechon Boodle Feasta Set
Lechon Boodle Feasta Set
Set 3 - Boodle Feasta (9-12pax)
Set 3 – Boodle Feasta (9-12pax)

Rico’s STK can accommodate a total of 160 people, with dining, al fresco, and VIP areas. Also soon to come is the Merkado (Palengke in Cebuano), the branch’s “paluto” area complete with an aquarium design. Highlighting its best seller is the store’s very own Lechon roasting area to ensure that only Da Best” and freshest lechon will be served to its customers.

Indulge in new ways to savor Cebu flavors

Along with the opening of the Macapagal branch, Rico’s Lechon is bringing its Manila patrons a taste and experience of Cebu. Dubbed as Cebu’s best lechon and even made more popular for its scrumptious Cebuano culinary offerings, customers may enjoy two of Rico’s Lechon’s newest offerings— Boodle Feasta and Palayok Hotpot.

Available starting on November 23, Boodle Feasta features a fusion of rice, vegetables, choices of sauces, Rico’s iconic Lechon, and its perfect pair— seafoods! Immerse in a one-of-a-kind dining experience as Rico’s food selection offers you the convenience of ordering with a wide variety of food choices.

The feast is served in four sets, perfect for sharing with your family and friends. Set 1 costs P750 (serves 2 – 4 pax), Set 2 costs P2500 (serves 5 – 8 pax), and Set 3 costs P3500 (serves 9 – 12 pax). The joy of sharing does not end there. For the price of P650, experience the taste of Cebu’s “Da Best” lechon, specially curated for you! Feast on the Lechon Boodle Feasta, the brand’s flagship meal, as a perfect way to create priceless bonding moments with the family.

Set 2 - Boodle Feasta (5-8pax)
Set 2 – Boodle Feasta (5-8pax)

Palayok Hotpot will surely have your mouth water with 8 varieties to choose from. Seafood and meat lovers alike are sure to enjoy as they binge on Seafood and Vegetable, Chicken Tinowa, Fish Tinowa (Tanigue) or Seasonal Seafood available, Lechon Pork Bone Soup, and Beef Bulalo hotpots, ready to give warmth to the cold “Ber” nights.

Each variety is available in medium and large sizes, good for 4 – 8 pax. Within the price range of P580 to P1100, patrons can dig into a Filipino style “shabu-shabu”, a first in the country,  customized to their liking.

Can’t decide what to eat? Nothing tops the brand’s best-sellers, Rico’s Lechon Baboy and Lechon Baka available in a la carte. More than providing the best service, Rico’s Lechon is set to introduce a culture of transforming each occasion for its customers into a renombrado one.

Make any celebration the grandest one with Sugba, Tuwa and, Kilaw (STK)

What better way to bring the Cebu culture to Manila than to introduce its signature food selection to all seafood lovers in Luzon that will give them a taste and experience of what the origin city has to offer?

A perfect pair to the famous Cebu lechon, Sugba, Tuwa, and Kilaw or STK, Rico’s Lechon lovers will love this new addition to the delectable menu offering of the brand. The nicest part of Rico’s STK is that you can shop all within the restaurant’s Merkado Shop, Cook, and Feast. Discover the wonders and flavors of pure seafood goodness with Rico’s STK.

Rico's Boodle Feasta and Palayok Hotpot Menu
Rico’s Boodle Feasta and Palayok Hotpot Menu

More lechon and seafood goodness to come

Rico’s Lechon Circuit Makati is set to make your tummies full starting on December 4. This new branch is meant to complement the brand’s current roster of restaurants in the Philippines to give more people the Cebu experience.

Pre-order for pick-up and delivery by contacting Rico’s Lechon Fulfillment Center at 0917-814-7648 / 7799-0810 or Blue Bay Walk branch at 0917-847-7541. Visit Rico’s Lechon’s newest branch at Cluster E, Blue Bay Walk, EDSA Ext. cor. Macapagal Boulevard Patrón Park, Bay Area CBD, 1300 Pasay City, Philippines.

For more information, visit or email them at

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