Hair Care Tips While Traveling

We know how travel is inherently good for the soul and our wellbeing, helping to take us out of the everyday and immerse ourselves in a whole new world full of adventure. This is what entices us to book that flight time and time again.

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Merienda we’ve arrived our day-to-day is forgotten, a dip in the hotel pool, a day at Ipanema beach, or a weekend hiking in the Alps. With all these fun activities it’s easy to forget about your personal care routine. Especially when traveling or mind body and hair might need some extra care and attention.

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Looking after yourself

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Looking after our skin and hair when traveling should not be forgotten. So, make sure to not only protect your skin but your hair when you are on the road. We have listed a few tricks and tricks to help you care for your hair while traveling.

Before you go

Hair Care Tips While Traveling
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You can actually start caring for your hair before you even start on your next travel adventure. Head to your favorite salon and treat yourself and your hair to trim or if you feel like it to a completely new hairstyle. Check out this Schwarzkopf article on women’s haircuts if you are in need of some inspiration. Looking after your hair before you travel makes it easier to maintain your locks merienda you are on the road.

Sun protection

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Even though we all love a bit of sun, we all know the dangers that come with it. Try not to take it lightly and protect your hair from the sun as much as you would protect your skin from sun exposure. You could wear a stylish hat or wrap a scarf around your locks, this will not only protect your hair from sun exposure but can also help to prevent heatstroke and a burnt scalp. If you are heading to a hot climate, try and avoid the midday sun.

Rinse off

Hair Care Tips While Traveling
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A dip in the ocean or pool on a hot summer’s day sounds like heaven, but before you jump in headfirst take a second to think of your hair. If you have long hair, you could throw it up into a messy bun before you take a dip in the pool. Chlorine and saltwater strip your hair of moisture and can leave it brittle and dehydrated, which can lead to split ends and a dry scalp. If you aren’t partial to a swim cap then wet your hair with fresh water before you jump into the pool or ocean and rinse your hair again as soon as you’re back from your dip.

The right products

Hair Care Tips While Traveling
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Even though the hotel or hostel might have some complimentary shampoo it’s a good idea to bring your own hair products, you can always decant them into smaller bottles if they are too big to fit in your luggage. There are also specific hair care products that you can buy to help protect your hair from external damages such as sun, chlorine, and pollution. At the end of a long day poolside, treat your hair to a leave-in conditioner to help replenish the moisture lost.

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