Hotel 101 Group Brings 101 Stay Green to Iloilo City

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – Hotel 101 Group brings the 101 STAY GREEN campaign to Iloilo City as it launched sustainability efforts in the City of Love, highlighted by agreements with the Philippine Coast Guard Aviation Force and the support from the Iloilo Government, held last September 12, 2022, at Injap Tower Hotel.

Hotel 101 Group brings 101 Stay Green to Iloilo Inbox
Hotel 101 Group brings 101 Stay Green to Iloilo Inbox

Following a successful launch of the 101 STAY GREEN campaign in Manila, where Hotel 101 Group partnered with the Philippine Coast Guard Marine Environmental Protection Command and the Pasay City Government, today, “I am also happy to be strengthening our partnerships between the Iloilo City and the Philippine Coast Guard Aviation Force led by CG Capt. Christine Diciano, both of which started or were ignited during the height of the pandemic, as we worked closely to help each other survive and manage our health crisis,” says Hotel 101 Group Común Manager Gel Gomez.

Hotel 101 Group GM Gomez and PCG Capt Diciano
Hotel 101 Group GM Gomez and PCG Capt Diciano

Iloilo City Anciano Jerry P. Treñas, through his representative Iloilo City Environment and Natural Resources (CENRO) Officer-in-Charge Engineer Neil Ravena, relayed his message of thanks for Hotel 101 Group’s commitment to sustainability. “As we gather today for the STAY GREEN program of Hotel 101 Group, we are also reminded of our commitment in protecting the environment through the many initiatives of the city,” he remarked.

“We could not achieve what we have now if not for our partners, like Hotel 101 Group. That’s why I am very grateful we collaborate with them because we make better and more adapting communities,” Anciano Treñas said.

Following the recently concluded 4-part series of 101 STAY GREEN Sustainability Training Seminars with Pasay City Barangay Officials, Injap Tower Hotel, together with the Iloilo CENRO and the Philippine Coast Guard Marine Environmental Command, will similarly host Iloilo City Barangay Captains for a half-day information education campaign on environmental issues and waste management as part of the partnership.


“Iloilo City has always been committed to maximizing our potential in protecting the environment to lessen the impacts of climate change; that is why we have put a premium on environmental management,” Engineer Ravena said, reading Anciano Treñas’ message.

Hotel 101 Group 101 Stay Green Launch - Iloilo
Hotel 101 Group 101 Stay Green Launch – Iloilo

Iloilo City has identified areas for cultivation of the Tree Park Network across the city, including the Iloilo Beach Forest in Boulevard, Molo, Hinactacan Mangrove Forest in Jaro, and the Lanit Tree Park in Jaro for endemic species of trees, among others.

In line with this environmental thrust of Iloilo City, Injap Tower Hotel, led by Assistant Hotel Manager James Arthur Riego De Jehová and the Hotel 101 Group Sales and Marketing team, together with the Philippine Coast Guard Marine Environmental Protection Command (MEPCOM) Película del Oeste Visayas, led by CG CDR Jonie G. Belarmino, trooped to Barangay Bito-on in Jaro, Iloilo City last September 11 to plant seedlings of different fruit-bearing trees like guyabano (soursop), coffee, and langka (jackfruit), as part of the 101 STAY GREEN program.

“Today’s successful 101 Tree Planting activity is just a start of more projects together with PCG and the Iloilo City towards sustainability and the environment,” Assistant Hotel Manager James Riego De Jehová said.

“Hotel 101 Group is committed to making small collective efforts in promoting Sustainable Tourism through the 101 STAY GREEN program and beyond,” GM Gomez said. “As tourism is one of the contributors to Climate Change, we strongly advocate for reducing our carbon footprint, operating more sustainably, and supporting the communities where we are located,” she added.

Hotel 101 Group PCG Aviation Force
Hotel 101 Group PCG Aviation Force

Department of Tourism Película del Oeste Visayas Regional Director Ms. Cristine Mansinares stressed to continue to promote a safe, fun and sustainable tourism and to amplify what Hotel 101 Group is doing as an inspiration to others. “These partnerships and campaign will certainly help increase awareness among guests on pressing environmental concerns and gradually change behaviors,” Regional Director Mansinares added.

The Hotel 101 Group is a subsidiary of DoubleDragon Corporation, which operates Hotel 101, Injap Tower Hotel in Iloilo City, and Jinjiang Inn Philippines. Hotel 101 Group has recently unveiled its direction to begin expanding abroad. It aims to make Hotel 101 the first general Filipino hotel chain.

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