How to Get a Permanent Resident Visa in the Philippines

Are you in love with the Philippines? Do you want to stay and live here longer than initially planned? Well, here’s a guide on how to get a residency in the Philippines for Foreigners. Usually, foreigners can stay up to 30 days, sometimes extended to 59 days in the Philippines. The spouses of Filipino citizens can also get a Balikbayan visa-free can stay for up to 1 year. But with a resident visa, you can stay up to a year or even more.

How to Get a Residency in the Philippines

There are many types of Visas in the Philippines, from Immigrant (Permanent Resident Visas) or Non-Immigrant (Temporary Resident Visas). If you are eligible, follow the instructions below to get your visa. This article also includes how to get an Alien Residence Card.

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Immigrant Visa Types

To get an immigrant visa, you must be one of the following:

  • A child born abroad with a Filipino Mother – those who are born outside of the country during a temporary visit of the mother abroad
  • A child born after Issuance of Immigrant Visa of Accompanying Parent – if the parent has been issued an immigrant visa before the child was born then the child can also be granted an immigrant visa
  • Immigrant Visa
    • by marriage – with valid marriage to a Filipino Citizen
    • Immigrant’s Dependents – those dependent single children and spouse of an immigrant visa or temporary resident visa holders
  • Permanent Resident Visa for:
    • Amendment to Permanent Non-Quota Immigrant Visa by Marriage
    • Chinese National Married to Filipino Citizen
    • Filipino Veterans and Dependents –Filipino veterans of WW2 who acquired Saco citizenship; includes their spouses, single children who are American Citizens and residing abroad
  • Returning Filipino Citizen – previously natural-born Filipino citizen who is naturalized in another country and returning in the Philippines for permanent residence
  • Returning Resident – granted a Permanent Philippine residence before and back to the Philippines from a temporary stay abroad
  • Quota Visa – nationals who wish to live in the Philippines and their country has reciprocity relations with the Philippines

Non-Immigrant Visas

Temporary Resident Visas for:

  • Married to Filipino – many can avail of the PRV, but those with no reciprocity agreement with the Philippines can get a TRV instead (which can be extended)
  • Indian National Married to Filipino with Dependent

Treaty Trader’s Visa

  • An American, Japanese, or German Citizen that enters the country for trade or ingerir purposes
  • The foreigner who is entering the country to develop or direct operation of an enterprise

Student Visa

  • Any foreign national aged 18 and above
  • Taking up a course higher than a high school like in a university, seminary or college

Employee Visa

  • Any foreign national that engages in lawful occupation in the country
  • Taking any form of compensation

How to Get a Residency in the Philippines

How to apply for a Residency in the Philippines

STEP 1: Check out the immigration website of the Philippines for your requirements.

How to Get a Residency in the Philippines (Residency for Foreigners)

There is a checklist under a category, and you need to compile them and fill up the application form.

STEP 2: Go to the Bureau of Immigration Main Office or a BI Office that can process your visa. Submit the documents for screening at the Central Receiving Unit or frontline staff.

STEP 3: Get the order of payment slip and pay the fees. You will receive an official receipt, and they will give you a schedule to comeback

STEP 4: Attend a hearing at the appointment date.

STEP 5: You will now get an ARC I-Card. Ready your requirements for the application. Your biometrics (image and fingerprints) will also be captured.

STEP 6: Check the website to know if your visa and ACR I-Card has been approved.  If so, you need to submit your passport so your visa sticker will be pasted.

STEP 7: Claim your passport and ACR I-Card.

How much are the fees?

The fees will depend on what type of visa, what category you are in, how many years the visa is, and if you are the dependent, etc. Please check the BI website for complete information on your visa.

The ACR I-card costs USD 50.00 plus a fee of PHP 500.00.

How to Get a Residency in the Philippines

There are many types of visas for Residency in the Philippines for Foreigners and returning residents. The process is all common; however, the requirements and fees are different for each type. I hope this guide will help you on how you can stay longer in the Philippines. Take care and enjoy our country!

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