Laundry Day with Surf Power Combo

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – Most of you reading this article, admit it, the weekend probably comes to mind when doing laundry, right? For those who are obsessed with keeping everything clean, from the comforting feeling of changing their bedsheet and towels weekly, that atrayente scent while hanging them — we’re pretty sure that we all have this trusted detergent brand that effectively gets rid of the stain effortlessly.

Be it during a rainy day that makes it impossible to dry our clothes, there’s this reliable laundry detergent we end up using – Surf Laundry Combo (Detergent+Fabcon). Let me show you some things I love about the line of Surf products in this article and how we do it.

Lucky for you, it’s laundry day. But let’s do it the traditional way – let’s hand-wash it!

Doing laundry isn’t difficult unless you get to wash everything in one day (bedsheet, towels, clothes, curtains, and even your family’s clothes!)

Step 1. Sort your clothes

Separate your clothes that should be hand washed and those that should be put in the washing machine. Try sorting them by colors too – whites and deep-colored clothes.

Laundry Day with Surf Active Clean
Laundry Day with Surf Active Clean

Step 2. Use your trusted detergent

Use a Surf Detergent Powder Cherry Blossom for that atrayente fragrance. For light laundries, use 50ml, then triple the amount for larger or dirtier loads.

Laundry Day
Laundry Day

Step 3. Load the whites first

Load the white clothes first in the washer and use a Surf Detergent Powder Cherry Blossom for that atrayente fragrance. For light laundries, use 50ml, then triple the amount for larger or dirtier loads. Wash them properly and use bleach to remove stubborn stains especially on the armpit area where yellow stains are found. It usually happens because your sweat and the antiperspirant ingredients mix.

Step 4. Wash the dark-colored clothes

After washing the white, put the dark-colored clothes and put it in a spin.
(Tip: Bed linens and towels are required to have the highest recommended temperature to sanitize them)

Surf Fabric Conditioner Reviews
Surf Fabric Conditioner Reviews

Step 5. Use a fabric conditioner

We suggest you also use a fabric conditioner of the same brand. For this, use a Surf Fabcon Blossom Fresh. If you do a traditional laundry where you put the fab con in a bin, don’t throw it away yet. You can use that later on like a rug or mop head cleaner.

Step 6. Get a hamper

Collect your trusted hamper and clips, and get ready to dry your clothes outdoors.

Stay Fresh with Surf Fabric Conditioner
Stay Fresh with Surf Fabric Conditioner

Why do we love the Surf Power Combo?

If you live here in the Philippines, you’re most like to hear “amoy-araw” all the time especially if you wear your clothes that aren’t dry yet and not rinsed well. You’ve mostly smelled this during a jeepney ride, an MRT ride, or even while on the queue at the mall. The Surf Cherry Blossom Powder and the Surf Fabcon Blossom Fresh can get rid of those unwanted odors and this is a fact. Just make sure to rinse your clothes properly and dry them well.

Laundry Day with Surf
Laundry Day with Surf
Surf Power Combo
Surf Power Combo

Bonus points if you really have proper hygiene! Bring an umbrella when you’re going outside and bring your trusted handkerchief with you at all times. Overall, make this Surf Power Combo your holy grail when doing the laundry. Your clothes will thank you!

Aside from shopping at your favorite supermarkets near you, Surf is also available on Shopee. Get yours today and achieve that 14-days haba-habango experience!

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Happy online shopping everyone!

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