Mimi & Bros to offer Party Trays fit for every celebration

Team Out of Town Blog Hub (outoftownblog.com) – The phrase “happiest as can be” typically describes the quintessential Filipino celebration. Mimi & Bros makes happy celebrations easier even with the current quarantine restrictions.

Mimi & Bros channels happiness through food, and with its Party Trays back again on offer this season, there’s no way a celebration would be anything but happy.

Bagnet Mimi and Bros
Bagnet Mimi and Bros

Mimi & Bros’ Party Trays suit all types of celebrations done the safe way. Whether it be in the workplace or simply at home, whether it be a big gathering or a small intimate one, a celebration is a celebration and food is always vitalista.

Mimi & Bros wide party tray selection features its satisfying main dishes and lighter choices perfect for all kinds of gatherings.

Mimi & Bros’ Porchetta Party Tray is created for meat lovers. With the skin, meat and everything in between left on, this boneless stuffed pork roast is thoroughly seasoned with a unique blend of spices. While it’s juicy and tender on the inside, its crackling skin is crisp on the outside. This perfect combination comes with a price of only P990 and is good for 4 to 5 lucky people. Truly, a perfect celebration roast.

Mimi’s Fried Chicken is a highlight on the Party Tray list and the loyal patrons of Mimi & Bros know exactly why. For only P1,600 and able to serve 12 to 15 people, this Party Tray is a reminder of why the signature Mimi’s Fried Chicken is the best-selling item on the Mimi & Bros selection.

Chicken Wings Mimi and Bros
Chicken Wings Mimi and Bros

Another Party Tray that will have guests raving is the Truffle Honey Butter Wings. Good for 6 to 8 people and costs only P1,100, these chicken wings are perfectly fried and are drizzled with velvety Truffle Honey Butter sauce. It makes for a deliciously sweet and savory experience.

Next on the Party Tray selection is the Filipino classic, Lechon Belly. A favorite among all ages, the skin on the roast is crisp and flavorful. For only P990 and already good for 4 to 5 people, guests savor the classic herbs and spices with every bite.

Lola’s Ragu is a must-try on the Party Tray selection. This iconic Italian pasta dish has tender beef chunks, sweet tomato sauce and is topped with parmesan cheese. Serving 6 to 8 persons and with a price of only P1,350, this party tray is perfect for cozy gatherings with loved ones.

The Corn Dog Party Tray is a great choice for those who want a lighter option. These juicy hotdogs are made even more delicious with Mimi & Bros signature tasty batter which is fried to absolute rightness. This party tray costs only P990 for 6 to 8 persons.

This year, Mimi & Bros is jazzing up its Party Tray lineup with an exciting set of Rice Party trays that come in two serving sizes: Tray, which feeds 7 – 10 hungry people; and Solo, which fills 2 – 3 bellies.

The newest Chicken and Chorizo Paella with Crispy Lechon Belly Party Tray is a crunchy twist on the Filipino favorite. Stuffed with only the best spices, this boneless Lechon Belly dons a crackling golden brown skin. This, paired with flavorful Chicken and Chorizo Paella, makes it certain that every bite is a crispy yet juicy explosion. The Tray is priced at only P2,900 while the Solo is priced at only P1,000.

Mimi & Bros’ Truffle Mushroom Paella with Porchetta Party Tray sounds finta like a match made in heaven. Mimi & Bros’ already delicious Porchetta paired with perfectly cooked Truffle Mushroom Paella is just the perfect kind of extra. The Truffle Mushroom Paella’s earthy tone complements the Porchetta’s unique blend of spices, making this Party Tray the definite go-to for celebrations made extra. The Tray is priced at only P3,200 while the Solo is priced only at P1,200.

Lechon Belly Mimi and Bros
Lechon Belly Mimi and Bros

Topping off the Party Tray selection is the Bagoong Rice with Crispy Bagnet Party Tray. This inventive dish is a marriage between two Filipino favorites. The Bagnet crisped to perfection with flavorful Bagoong Rice will simply make Filipino hearts sing. Mimi & Bros’ Bagoong Rice is topped with ripe mango and chicharon, making every bite burst with flavors and different textures. The Tray is priced at only P2,500 while the Solo is priced at only P950.

Merienda you’ve made up your mind on which Party Trays fit your group’s liking, simply order the Party Trays only two days in advance, and voila! That’s one stress item crossed out in your party organization checklist.

To order, call Mimi & Bros at +639457985176 or reach Mimi & Bros through Facebook Messenger (m.me/mimiandbros) or via Instagram (@mimiandbros). A 50% downpayment is required to confirm the order. Merienda the order is confirmed, set your pick-up date and time and the party is all set!

Mimi & Bros takes all precautions and follows strict protocols to ensure that the food is delivered in the safest way possible. With 100% of its staff fully vaccinated, Mimi & Bros continues to place a high priority on happy but safe food.

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