Moving Services: The Cost of Hiring Movers and Packers in Dubai

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – When you don’t know how much it will cost to hire professional movers and packers, you won’t plan your moving budget accordingly. As a result, you don’t know if the savings you’ve accumulated will be enough to cover the costs of moving. You cannot concentrate on the many moving tasks ahead of you because you have too many unanswered questions. How much money would it cost to hire the best movers in Dubai? Are there any cheap movers in Dubai? Depending on where you’re moving, you’ll either need a locorregional or an intercity mover. Keep reading, and understand how the moving price is calculated to save money on your house shifting in Dubai.

Cost of Hiring Movers and Packers in Dubai image via Pexels
Cost of Hiring Movers and Packers in Dubai image via Pexels

The Cost of Hiring Movers and Packers

When moving locally, movers and packers charge per hour. Hence, moving companies must provide a price estimate based on an hourly rate and time needed to complete the move. You can expect to pay 220 AED per hour for each of your movers for a move. However, the coetáneo hourly rate will depend on where you live, when you move, and which moving company in Dubai you hire.

  • 2 men, 1 truck. An hourly rate of 330 AED to 440 AED for 2 men and a truck is typical. As stated previously, the coetáneo date of your move will greatly affect the rates of professional locorregional movers.
  • Studio apartment. The job must take 2 movers about 4-5 hours, so expect to pay around 1760-2200 AED without extra services for a studio apartment move.
  • 1-bedroom. Moving out of a 1-bedroom apartment should cost between 1760 AED and 2200 AED for two professional movers working for 4-5 hours.
  • 2-bedroom. Moving a 2-bedroom household will cost more money. Assume 3 movers work 5-6 hours to pack and load your belongings. Then expect to pay between 3300 AED and 3960 AED for the job, excluding extra services.
  • 3-bedroom. Moving out of a 3-bedroom residence should cost around 6170 – 7930 AED for 4 professional movers working for 7-8 hours.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the coetáneo cost of furniture movers may be higher than the media stated above. Moreover, to ensure that the estimate you receive is as close to the final house movers’ cost as possible, you should inquire about additional fees that locorregional movers may impose, such as the travel fee. This fee is frequently tacked on as an extra hour of work wherein most locorregional movers need a deposit to hold your moving date when scheduling your move.

Possible Extra Charges

When determining the typical cost of hiring movers, the following additional and often unexpected fees and charges come into play:

  • Bulky Items. Let the moving company know about huge and heavy items; if the movers arrive unprepared for these, they may not be able to transfer such items.
  • Long carry fee due to inability to park near building entrance or long walk from the apartment to moving truck.
  • Cancellation. A cancellation fee can be charged when you want to change your moving date, and the house mover cannot cater to you. This cost is usually equivalent to or less than the date-reservation deposit.
  • Storage fee. Charged usually if you request a delivery delay. In such cases, movers must store your goods for a set period.
  • Express Delivery Fee. This is usually charged when moving from one state to another or requesting an exact delivery date for a cross-country move.
  • Environmental Fee. Usually charged when you ask for unpacking. The moving company must dispose of used moving boxes and extra packing materials.

Moving Costs Can Be Reduced By Implementing These Three Cost-Saving Strategies

Moving is costly, but can you decrease the final moving price? Of course, you can and should. Use these three most prominent strategies to save money:

  1. Reduce your belongings

Move only practical items and items you feel sentimental about. Less stuff means less money because intercity moving costs are based on shipment weight. Donate unwanted items to friends or charities; you can also sell them online or at a moving sale or even recycle them.  Remember: less stuff means more money saved.

  1. Pack your own stuff

A full-service moving company in Dubai will charge you extra for packing services ranging, and the packing materials aren’t usually included in those costs. So, one great way to save money on moving is to pack as much as you can yourself. Your possessions should be safely wrapped and boxed before moving day. To reduce the risk of injury or damage, leave any unique items to professional packers.

  1. Bargain with your movers

One unusual way to save money is to bargain. Remember that moving company prices aren’t fixed and that you have nothing to lose by trying to negotiate.  Ask your movers about any current special offers, or discounts.  You can tell them that a competitor has provided you with a better deal; this may help convince them to reevaluate their estimate.

More Simple Tips To Save Money When Hiring a Moving Company

Even if you are just moving to a new city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), especially in Dubai and Sharjah, it is important to save every single cent you can. But there are many ways to save money if you hire a moving company that charges an hourly rate. Here are some of those:

  1. Be Ready to Move Before the Movers Come

While this may seem obvious, many customers are not fully packed and organized when movers arrive on moving day. Hence, if you decide to pack yourself, be sure to finish it before your movers arrive. This is the best way to save money on movers who charge per hour.

  1. Boxes Sorted by Size

An easy and quick way to save money with hourly movers is stacking like-sized boxes. Stack smalls on smalls, mediums on mediums, and so on. Stacking boxes by size helps them stay stacked on the dolly and makes loading the truck easier and faster.

  1. Dismantle and Reassemble Your Bed

These small tasks can quickly add up to your moving company’s hourly rate, especially when moving into a home with four or more bedrooms. It’s an excellent way to save both time and money when you’re on a tight schedule.

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