Our Travel Guide and 15 Best Things To Do in Aalborg, Denmark

Are you planning to travel to Aalborg, Denmark soon?  Read our tips below on the things to do in Aalborg with suggested tours!

15 Best Things To Do in Aalborg, Denmark
Photo by Nelson L. CC BY 2.0

Aalborg is a city in the Jutland region of Denmark. It is also the 4th largest city. Located on the southern side of the narrowest point of the Limfjord waterway. It’s known for its lively nightlife. It offers plenty of attractions for people of all ages. It’s a popular weekend tourist destination due to the expansion of available flights to and from Aalborg Airport.

15 Best Things To Do in Aalborg, Denmark
Photo by Rahbek Media

This city has many architectural attractions, museums, beautiful squares, and parks, perfect for your weekend getaway with your friends, family or even if you’re a solo traveler. But what are the most popular and highly recommended attractions that Aalborg has? Let’s all take a look at these 10 things that you should do and visit when you’re in Aalborg.

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15 Things that you should do and visit in Aalborg, Denmark

1. Visit the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

If you’re into modern art, the Kunsten is a nice place for you. Inside of this building in Aalborg, you can see and enjoy works by world-famous artists from around the world and get to know Danish artists too.

2. Aalborg Forsvars Og Garnisons museum (Defence and Garrison Museum)

It is a military museum in Aalborg, Denmark. It’s an educational place that will guide you through the Danish Military history. Inside this well-organized and large museum, you will see all kinds of planes, guns, and tanks. It is a cool place to visit not only because you will enjoy but you would also learn a lot about Danish history. 

3. Lindholm Hoeje Museum

15 Best Things To Do in Aalborg, Denmark
Photo by Jane Nearing CC BY-ND 2.0

I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard about the Vikings, right? Well, Lindholm Hoeje Museum is a Viking burial that you can visit! Yes, it is one of the most beautiful ancient monuments in Denmark from the late Iron Age and the Viking Age that’s over 1500 years old. Visit and explore the museum and enjoy the cafe just north of the Limfjord. 

4. Franciscan Monastery Museum

If you’re the type of person who loves history so much, like me, then this place is a must-visit! It’s a small museum hidden underneath the main commercial street in the older part of Aalborg and it’s only accessible through a lift. The whole trip will only take you for 10-20 minutes since the museum is small. But it’s all worth it, all the historical items are beautifully preserved. 

5. The Park of Music

The name of this park is interesting as the park itself. We all love music, whether it be a rock to ballad, pop to hip hop or classical to modern. This beautiful park is known for its long list of classical pieces by famous artists, who have created both statues, sculptures, and fountains. The Park of Music is a collection of trees that have been planted since 1987 by artists who have performed in Aalborg Culture and Congress Center. Most of these trees can be activated to plays three different tunes of the artists. Interesting park indeed!

6. Aalborg’s colorful Street Art

Aalborg is a small city, so it’s easy to walk around and notice this stunning mural. You’d be able to see over 50 pieces of impressive street art while exploring the center.

7. The Pristine Harbor Baths in the Limfjord

This outdoor swimming spot is located close to the city center. In this pool, you can choose whether to swim, kayak or sail in the beautiful water of Limfjord or you can just relax in the popular wooden swimming platforms. 

8. Street Food in an Old Furniture Factory

Your trip to Aalborg won’t be complete if you won’t try their street foods! It is cheap and will surely give you a good feeling as it gets you to eat with Danes in the old furniture factory. 

9. Aalborg Tarnet

Aalborgtårnet is a 54.9-meter tall observation tower built of lattice steel in Aalborg, Denmark. A lift will transport you up to the 360-degree platform where an expansive view of Aalborg can be seen. The views are breathtaking and the lift ride is very comfortable. Such an exciting way to look at the beautiful city of Aalborg. 

10. The Cosy Streets and Buildings of Aalborg’s Old Town

Aalborg is an awesome combination of old and new. In this place, you can relax while having a drink in a cafe and looking at crooked houses built in1600s! This old town is picture-perfect and it will help you have an awesome Instagram feed! So don’t forget to bring your camera and wear your best OOTD when you visit this place. 

11. Springeren – Maritimt Oplevelses Center

Springeren – Maritimt Oplevelsescenter would welcome you inside to see a lot of exciting effects and exhibitions from the maritime world. You can also try onboarding one of the world’s largest torpedo boats. So, if you like to know more about marine history, then you should add this place to your travel bucket list.

12. Aalborg Zoologiske Have

An enjoyable zoo for people of all ages! Inside, you will see a dinosaur-themed that both kids and adults would definitely enjoy. But of course, not only that, if you love animals, you will love this place as you can get closer to the inside. 

13. Monastery of the Holy Ghost

This monastery was built in 1451 for the monks and nuns. Now it serves as an apartment for seniors. The building itself is picture-perfect because of its unique architecture. This place is rich in history, if you want to know more about what happened here during the 15th century, then this is a must-visit. 

14. Budolfi Cathedral

Budolfi Cathedral is located in the heart of Aalborg. If you’re interested in old buildings and churches, this church is a must-see. The beauty of its architecture makes it stand out in the area. The lovely interior has a baroque look in it. 

15. Lange Kunsthaandvaerk

A perfect place for a break from the agitation of the city. This offers various experiences and services, such as pottery, glass workshop, shop, gallery, and sculpture garden. Whether you’re into art or not, visiting this place is definitely worth your time.

15 Best Things To Do in Aalborg, Denmark
Photo by Massimo Frasson CC BY-SA 2.0

These are the possible things you can do in Aalborg, Denmark. So if you are ready to have a fun and exciting trip, you know what to do and where to go! Pack your things and prepare yourself for a wonderful adventure in Aalborg.

How to go to Aalborg, Denmark from the UK

Via Ryanair: (one way)

*From London Stansted to Aalborg Airport

Ticket Price: £93.75

Via Easyjet: (one way)

*From London Gatwick to Aarhus Airport

Ticket Price: £38.99

* Prices are subject to change.  You can visit Skyscanner for more details about the ticket prices.

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