The Farm at San Benito offers Immune Support and Post-Covid Recovery Programs

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – The surge in the number of Covid positive infected people following the recent holiday gatherings has merienda again turned our focus back to a healthy lifestyle and well-being. Nearing its 3rd year of existence and with the new Omicron variant being rampant, it just shows that this pandemic is still far from being over.

Immuno Cell Renewal
Immuno Cell Renewal

Keep in mind that one of the many ways to limit the spread of any virus in your body is by taking good care of one’s self. Your immune system plays a big role in fighting against COVID and other viruses or infections. When our body’s immune system fails, we are prone to any kind of sickness. You need to stay healthy at all times and prioritize your holistic health to achieve a healthier you.

A 90-mins drive away from Manila and located in the heart of Lipa, Batangas, The Farm at San Benito is a holistic medical wellness facility that offers guest travelers a COVD free safe haven healing environment. Seated on 48 hectares of lush greenery rich with life-sustaining microbiome ecology, pure and fresh air, and strong positive life-giving energy radiating around the property. The Farm offers medically-supervised health programs that are carefully planned and conducted by integrative medical doctors and licensed health professionals in addressing and treating chronic illnesses & lifestyle diseases, naturally and holistically.

Tibetan Steam Therapy
Tibetan Steam Therapy

The Farm has been a pioneer in the medical wellness travel industry and has been innovating and keeping its programs relevant during this pandemic. Offering life transformative healing holidays, one of its popular programs is the Immune Support Program. This wellness program is tailor-fit to provide their guests with the best care and immune-boosting benefits to keep them healthy both physically and mentally.  This program includes COVID-19 testing, medically-supervised holistic treatments to support their immune system, nutrient-rich organic vegan meals and beverages, microbiome nourishment, mindful movements, and more. It also includes psycho-emotional sessions to ensure that their mental health and emotional state are well attended to, especially during the pandemic, which can trigger anxiety and panic attacks.

In becoming resilient to these pandemic setbacks, The Farm also offers a Post-Covid Recovery Program. “A certain population of people who developed COVID-19 infections will eventually have what’s now called the “Post-Covid Syndrome” or long haulers. They usually will have persistent symptoms even at 2 months from recovery. Most common symptoms are loss of taste and smell, fatigue, difficulty breathing, muscle, and joint pains as well as digestive issues.” according to Dr. Homer Lim, The Farm’s medical doctor.

The Farm provides a holistic approach to help COVID-19 survivors to fully recover and achieve their optimum health. This recovery program includes Daily Nutrient-Rich Organic Vegan Meals and Detox Juice, Holistic Consultation, Brain Biofeedback, Live Blood Analysis, Colon Cleansing, Acupuncture, Vitamin Infusion, Liver Compress, Energy Healing, Immuno Cell Renewal, Steam Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Sustainable Program Discussion, with daily mindful and functional fitness activities

With an extensive list of health optimization programs such as Holistic Detox Cleanse, Weight Management, Diabetes Prevention, & Heart Health, Holistic Cancer Care, and more, The Farm offers these evidence-based and science-based treatments that will help guests regain their bodies’ ideal balanced state. With over 80 international awards, The Farm remains committed to its mission in healing people – not just on a physical level but also to attend to the emotional, mental and spiritual state of our guests most importantly during these very difficult times where panic and fear can be triggered by this pandemic.

Follow us on Facebook Instagram @thefarmatsanbenito visit our website . For bookings and inquiries, call +63 918 884 8080 / +63 917 572 2325 / +63 917 572 2223 /+63 917 572 2977 or send us an e-mail at


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The Farm at San Benito—a proud member of CG Hospitality, the hospitality arm of CG Corp General—is an eco-luxury, holistic, medical wellness resort located in Lipa City, Batangas, which is a 90-minute drive south of Manila. It rests on 48 hectares of lush green environment with life-sustaining microbiome ecology, stunning view of the majestic Malarayat mountains, pure fresh air and strong positive energy radiating around the property.

Ingredients for Hampol Compress
Ingredients for Hampol Compress

The Farm has been honored with over 80 prestigious international awards including “Best Medical Wellness Resort in the World” from SENSES Germany which made its mark as one of the leading medical wellness destinations in the world.

Guests visit for a large number of reasons—from well-being and rejuvenation to deeper health issues. The Farm offers natural and holistic medically supervised health programs that address some of the most alarming and prevalent lifestyle illnesses in today’s society, such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, chronic pain, hormonal imbalance, as well as anxiety, stress, and depression. Programs are carefully planned and conducted by internationally trained integrative medical doctors specializing in Preventive Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Functional Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, and Holistic Medicine supported by a team of licensed health professionals from nurses, spa therapists, nutritionists, living food chefs, fitness coaches, and yoga teachers.

The Farm’s healing journey is focused around five pillars: Diagnose, Cleanse, Nourish, Repair, and Sustain. The aim is to help the guests’ bodies return to their ideal balanced state and achieve holistic optimum wellness using five key healing components: holistic integrative medical services; nurturing spa and hydrotherapy water wellness; plant-based, wholefood, vegan cuisine; mindful movement, and functional fitness; and healing environment and heartfelt service.

With only 52 exclusive suites and villas, a well-maintained property, world-class service, and the Filipinos’ nurturing touch, The Farm offers guests an unparalleled life-changing holiday experience.



  • Holistic Detox Cleanse
  • Immune Support
  • Post-COVID Recovery
  • Radiation Detox
  • Weight Management, Diabetes Prevention, & Heart Health
  • Holistic Cancer Care
  • Sleep Induction
  • Postnatal Wellness
  • Fertility Program
  • Hormone Regulation
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Yoga & Raw Food Retreat
  • Beauty & Longevity

EXECUTIVE HEALTH PROGRAMS (CIGNA General Healthcare Accredited)

  • Pain Management
  • Mental Health

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