The Venetian Resort – Why Stay At The Largest Suite in Las Vegas

As I stay for a few weeks in Las Vegas, I was able to have a great time trying a lot of food and of course relaxing at my hotel – the Venetian Resort

The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas (1)

Traveling around the US is obviously not cheap, however, for some people, they think that if you’re not always here, sometimes it is good to spoil yourself with some luxury. In my case, I’m always on the road traveling. I’ve done DIYs, I’ve stayed at the cheapest and expensive hotels, even guesthouses and met a lot of people, and tried a lot of things. There’s no single day that I’ve regretted doing what I love. For that, I sometimes spoil myself and try things that usually the rich can only afford.

During my LV Trip, I decided to stay at the talk of the town – Venetian Resort. And hear me out, if you’re planning to visit Las Vegas soon, the Venetian Resort should definitely be the place you should stay in! Below are the reasons why.

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1. It is the largest Suites in Town

Presidential Suite The Venetian Resort
Presidential Suite The Venetian Resort

The Venetian Resort is known to be the largest resort in Las Vegas by square footage. For this reason, it also has the largest suites in town which measures 10,000 square feet! Due to its size, going here would never be boring as you can explore the place and see amazing amenities and spots. 

2. The Excellent Customer Service

Whenever people come to stay at the Venetian Resort, the customer service is always complimented. Before I go here, I’ve read some reviews saying that you cannot beat the customer service experience at the Venetian. Of course, I was really looking forward to it – and was not disappointed! Overall, the service and staff all around are friendly and helpful.

3. The Resort Can Literally be Toured

With its size, it is not surprising that there are plenty of spots to visit inside the Venetian Resort. All of which are beautiful in the eyes and Instagram-worthy! There’s just so much to see that you might forget that you’re actually in a resort. Haha! Here are the main highlights of what to expect when you stay here:

  • Renaissance Venice in Las Vegas
  • “Acqua di Cristallo” in The Palazzo Lobby
  • The Armillary Sphere at The Venetian
  • The Campanile Tower at The Venetian
  • St. Mark’s Square

The art and architecture of the Venetian Resort are truly mesmerizing. You can relax, unwind, and enjoy all at the same time!

4. The Events, Shows, and Nightlife

Tired of just swimming and wandering around the resort? Then try one of their entertainments! Nightclubs for the party-people, karaokes for the singers at heart, and shows that would entertain you for a few hours! Whether you’re staying here with your friends, family, a partner, or even alone, I’m pretty sure you’d meet a lot of new people.

The Nightlife at the resort is highly recommended if you’re the type of person who likes socializing, I guarantee you that it’ll be a night to remember!

5. The Suites

The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas

Of course, the suites are high-class! The Venetian Resort’s suites are double the size of promedio hotel rooms in Las Vegas. From the Luxury King Suite, that’s 650 square feet to the Chairman Suite which measures 8,000 square feet! Yes! With that kind of room, you will have everything!

All the luxurious things you can imagine can be found in these suites. A separated living room, comfortable large beds, a Roman tub, and other entertainments. Some of the premier suites such as the Penthouse Suite even have a Jetted tub and a choice of personal theater or workout room. 

6. Top-Notch Restaurants

The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas (17)

The Venetian has great restaurant options from a low-cost food court for a quick refrigerio to incredible fine dining. There are a bunch of restaurants to choose from, I bet you’ll have a hard time thinking which one should you dine in for the day because I had! Haha! Asian, Italian, American, Mexican, Seafood, and a lot more! All your cravings can be found at the Venetian Resort’s restaurants. So if you’re a foodie like me, then you’re in for a great feast when you stay here. 

My Overall Experience at The Venetian Resort

I am just so grateful to be given the opportunity to stay at one of Las Vegas’ high-class resorts. Although I wasn’t able to do all the activities and visit all the popular spots, I surely enjoyed staying at one of their suites and was able to meet some people.

The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas (11)

I got to stay in a Luxury King Suite. It is so big for two people! They’ve got a luxurious sunken living room, where I had the time to check my e-mails and work a bit. Also, their bathroom has an oversized tub which was the perfect place to relax after roaming around!

Considering the size of the whole resort, my stay (which is only 1 night), is obviously not enough. The good thing is, I still have a reason to go back. Haha! But to be honest, even if I stayed here for a week, I know that the Venetian Resort is a place I will go back to.

The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas (12)

So if you’re thinking of spoiling yourself with a luxurious experience that you deserve, why not consider the Venetian Resort? If you’re in Las Vegas, this is my number 1 highly recommended place to stay!

​If you want to book a stay at The Venetian Resort, click here.

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