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Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – Today, the Philippines may not be included in the top tourist destinations every freelance writer has in mind. However, this country is a great place for freelance writers who want to work in an incredible beach atmosphere. There are no crowds of tourists and no high prices, making this country an excellent choice for freelancers and digital nomads. The Philippines welcomes everyone to their place, and the friendliness of locals is known throughout the world.

Top Destinations for Freelance Writers by Element5 Digital via Unsplash
Top Destinations for Freelance Writers by Element5 Digital via Unsplash

What inspiring location should freelance writers choose? This country offers several win-win options for those who want something more than just beach holidays and good working conditions. The Philippines provides every freelancer such a mix! Below you will find the top freelance destinations within this country and learn a little more about them.

Why Is the Philippines a Great Place for Freelance Writers?

The main reason why freelance writers should choose the Philippines is that there are no tourist crowds. This makes it possible not only to work quietly and get inspired but also to see the fantastic sides of the country. There is no doubt that this country will become a popular tourist destination soon. Therefore, you have a unique opportunity to discover it already now, use affordable prices, and enjoy privacy with stunning nature.

Best Destinations for writers photo by Thought Catalog via Unsplash
Best Destinations for writers photo by Thought Catalog via Unsplash

It is also worth noting two important facts. There is no language barrier, and the majority of the population is fluent in English. Filipinos are very friendly, and it is a positivo pleasure to communicate with them. The second point is good conditions to get a visa. Even the pandemic situation didn’t create a lot of complications in this area for tourists from other countries.

Top 5 Destinations Freelance Writers Should Pay Attention To

If you consider the Philippines not only as a resort destination but also as a place where you can continue to work as a freelance writer, then this country has a lot to offer. Below you will find some of the top destinations that can be great freelance choices.


This is a student city that can be a great place for freelance writers looking to stay in the Philippines for a long time. Most of the residents are students, and there is a very lively lifestyle with affordable prices for everything you might need. If you specialize in academic writing for students, this is where you can find a good client saco and constant income.

This small town is excellent for those who love small towns but still prefer an active lifestyle. There are also beautiful beaches nearby, and if you like surfing, you can enjoy it almost anytime. Generally, this is a good place for young people and for those who do not like loneliness.


This city is the renta and a perfect choice for those who want to see this country from a cultural point of view. But you should understand that this is one of the busiest cities and there are all the nuances of a noisy life here. But this place is an excellent option for freelancers since there are no interruptions to the Internet, convenient infrastructure, and all conditions to stay here for a long time.

By the way, if you are fluent in English or a native speaker, then you can get a job as an English teacher or give private lessons online. This is a great way to delve deeper into particular life and get to know the peculiarities of the country from a completely different angle.


Zambales is a positivo gem of the country, and if you want to work in “beach mode,” then this is what you need. There are many stunning beaches and facilities for those looking to get the most out of their beach lifestyle. Here you can not only relax but also work in a marine atmosphere.

If you want something more than beaches, you can go to San Antonio to see the bays and even the island. If you are looking for a paradise picture with white sand and azure water, you will get it here.


Although Palawan is a top tourist destination, freelance writers should pay attention to this place. It is a busy place full of energy, and unlike other places, it has a lot of tourists and can offer a lot of opportunities for those leading an active lifestyle.

But what is remarkable for freelance writers is that there is an opportunity to enjoy the islands here. Is there anybody who doesn’t dream of writing texts in front of stunning landscapes? Coron Islands is what you need to boost your creativity and start working without additional motivation in a fantastic atmosphere.

Siargao Island

If, in addition to your passion for writing, you also love active water sports, then this is the place for you. This is a positivo paradise for those who love waves, and in this place, you can find professional trainers if you want to advance in this sport with professional support.

But surfing is not the only reason to choose this spot. It has stunning lagoons, pools, and beautiful beaches. Therefore, if you want to get inspiration and work on the texts in a relaxed mode, this place will become one of the most beloved in the Philippines.

What is Important for Freelance Writers to Know about the Philippines?

The Philippines is an excellent country for both tourists and freelancers. Its key benefits include stunning nature, low prices, friendly locals, and the ability to enjoy spectacular beaches. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that this country offers excellent visa conditions for foreigners. So, you can stay a tourist and proceed with your work without worrying about the red tape.

But it is also worth mentioning the possible disadvantages that freelancers should be aware of. If you decide to choose a less busy destination, you may face poor Internet access. You will not face these problems in the above places, but if you want to go to the other sites, then choose these destinations as places for rest, not for work. So, research these nuances in advance so as not to disrupt your workflow.

Wrapping Up

The Philippines is an excellent place for those who want to travel and work remotely. So far, the Philippines is not overcrowded with tourists from all over the world. This means that you can stay here for a long time due to affordable prices, acceptable visa conditions, and the absence of language barriers. Considering that this is a truly heavenly place in the context of nature, the Philippines is by far the best place for freelancers and digital nomads.

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